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Let Dean Street Dental take care of your smile today.

Let Dean Street Dental take care of your smile today.

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Welcome to Dean Street Dental, your trusted Campton Hills dentist where your smile takes center stage! Nestled on Dean Street in the heart of Campton Hills, our clinic blends cutting-edge dental technology with a cozy, inviting atmosphere, establishing us as your premier choice for dental services in the area.

Our clinic is strategically placed for easy access by all Campton Hills residents, close to major thoroughfares. We offer flexible scheduling, including evening slots, to suit your hectic lifestyle. Our facility boasts modern comforts and a tranquil setting to ensure your appointment is as comfortable as possible.

At Dean Street Dental, we take pride in being an integral part of the Campton Hills community and its surrounding areas. We actively engage in local health fairs, support school functions, and conduct educational seminars on dental hygiene, underscoring our dedication to the health and wellness of our neighbors.

Searching for a Campton Hills dental office that provides professional services with a personal flair? Your search ends at Dean Street Dental Clinic. Call us today to book your appointment and discover why we are the trusted choice for dental care in the Campton Hills community.

Let’s work together to keep your smile vibrant and healthy!

| Campton Hills Dentist | Dean Street Dental
| Campton Hills Dentist | Dean Street Dental
| Campton Hills Dentist | Dean Street Dental

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About Dean Street Dental

| Campton Hills Dentist | Dean Street Dental

Dean Street Dental is Campton Hills’ top choice for dental care. Our dedicated team offers a range of services, including preventative care, restorations, cosmetics, orthodontics, and more. We’re here to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile you’ll be proud to show off. Contact us today for an appointment. Looking for a dentist near me in Campton Hills? Dean Street Dental is renowned as the premier dental office for families. We provide general dentistry, cosmetics, restorations, and more to help you maintain excellent oral health. If you’re a Campton Hills resident, fill out the form to claim your prize!

How We Work

| Campton Hills Dentist | Dean Street Dental
| Campton Hills Dentist | Dean Street Dental

Comprehensive Examination

We always start with a review of your previous dental records so we understand your history. Next we begin with a comprehensive examination looking at all of the teeth and oral health in general. Then we report our findings: This is where we discuss with you our overall findings and report any issues that you might be having. Then we always recommend our best service to fix said issue(s), but we never "sell" any solution to you.

| Campton Hills Dentist | Dean Street Dental

Propose Treatment

Next we address any concerns you have about your own oral health and smile concerns. We will propose a treatment plan and run your insurance coverage, along with breakdown the financials. If you agree with the treatment plan and are happy with your insurance coverage, we will schedule you to begin your treatment. We do not force anyone to schedule right away. If you want to think about it, that's okay! Just call us when you make your decision.

| Campton Hills Dentist | Dean Street Dental

Optimal Dental Health Achieved

Once you are ready to move forward and see that our office is conveniently located, you'll return for your treatment(s). You may be set after just one more visit or you will return for a few sessions. After your treatment plan is completed, congratulations, you will have reached optimal dental health! The next step is maintenance. Our goal is that you'll love your smile, our service, our office and our mission so much that you'll bring your family and friends!

Why Choose Us

| Campton Hills Dentist | Dean Street Dental
| Campton Hills Dentist | Dean Street Dental

Expert Dental Team

Our team of dental professionals is led by experienced dentists who are passionate about oral health. They regularly participate in continuing education courses to stay on top of the latest advancements in dental care, ensuring you receive the most effective treatments available. We also have the best dental technology available to the residents of Campton Hills, Illinois.

| Campton Hills Dentist | Dean Street Dental

Comprehensive Dental Services

Whether you need a routine check-up, advanced restorative treatments, or cosmetic dentistry to enhance your smile, we offer a full range of dental services to meet your needs. From Invisalign to implants and teeth whitening, our services are designed to improve your oral health and boost your confidence.

| Campton Hills Dentist | Dean Street Dental

Personalized Care and Attention

We believe every patient is unique, and so are their dental needs. Our approach to dental care is personalized to cater to your individual requirements. We take the time to understand your dental goals and fears, making sure you feel comfortable and informed every step of the way. This is why we're one of the most highly-reviewed Campton Hills family dentistry clinics.

Areas In Campton Hills We Serve

| Campton Hills Dentist | Dean Street Dental

Are you looking for a dentist near me Campton Hills, IL? Dean Street Dental is conveniently located near the intersection of Randall Road & Route 64, making it less than a 5 minute drive for residents of Campton Hills, whether that’s Wideview, Wasco, Fox Mill, Rainbow Hills, Norton Lake, Wildrose Valley or any other neighborhood in Campton Township.

Campton Hills Attractions

| Campton Hills Dentist | Dean Street Dental

Campton Hills IL  is one of the nicest suburbs of Chicago. According to Campton Hills has been named Illinois’ safest community. Campton Hills Ranks 1st in Illinois in latest Ranking. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of the Village of Campton Hills is right around 11,000 people, all who love the semi-city, semi-rural lifestyle with lots of land and open parks. Crime in Campton Hills IL is extremely low as well. Campton Hills was originally called Wasco and was developed into what it is today in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Campton Hills, Illinois, nestled in the scenic region of the Fox River Valley, is a community rich with natural beauty and local charm. Here are some notable attractions and activities that make Campton Hills a great place to visit – A visit to Corron Farm provides a glimpse into 19th-century farm life. Campton Hills and the surrounding area host a variety of festivals and events throughout the year that celebrate the local culture, seasons, and community spirit. These include fall pumpkin festivals, summer farmer’s markets, and holiday craft fairs.

To learn more about Campton Hills’ attractions, landmarks, and upcoming events, visit the official Campton Hills, Illinois website.

| Campton Hills Dentist | Dean Street Dental
"Residents of the Village of Campton Hills wish to maintain the semi-rural quality of their environment and its associated lifestyle. They wish to control their own destiny, act so that property values increase over time at a greater rate than market averages, and ensure the continue excellence of the schools that educate their children." -Village of Campton Hills

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Things To Do Campton Hills IL

| Campton Hills Dentist | Dean Street Dental

Campton Township's Anderson Park offers 50 acres of baseball and softball diamonds, a soccer field, a fitness trail, a picnic pavilion, and a link to Illinois' Great Western Trail.

For those who love outdoor sports, the area around Campton Hills offers numerous biking and hiking trails that wind through picturesque nature preserves.

Garfield Farm and Inn Museum is an agriculturally based historical site offering insights into the lives of the rural Americans who settled in the Fox Valley.

Directions to Dean Street Dental From
Popular Campton Hills Landmarks

| Campton Hills Dentist | Dean Street Dental

Directions from Garfield Farm and Inn Museum, Garfield Rd, La Fox, IL 60147 to Dean Street Dental, 2210 Dean Street Suite O2, Saint Charles, IL 60175.

  • Head north on Garfield Rd toward Campton Hills Dr
  • Turn right onto Campton Hills Dr
  • Turn right onto IL-64 E
  • Use the 2nd from the left lane to turn left onto S Randall Rd
  • Turn left onto Dean St
  • Take the first right into the parking lot

7 min (3.9 miles) via Campton Hills Dr.

Fastest route, the usual traffic.

Directions from Anderson Park, 5N180 Brown Rd, Campton Hills, IL 60175 to Dean Street Dental, 2210 Dean Street Suite O2, Saint Charles, IL 60175.

  • Head east toward Brown Rd
  • Turn right onto Brown Rd
  • Turn left onto IL-64 E
  • Turn left onto Dean St
  • Drive to your destination
  • Take the first right into the parking lot

9 min (5.2 miles) via IL-64 E and Dean Street.

Fastest route, the usual traffic.

Directions from Historic Corron Farm, 7N761 Corron Rd, Saint Charles, IL 60175 to Dean Street Dental, 2210 Dean Street Suite O2, Saint Charles, IL 60175.

  • Head south on Corron Rd toward Silver Glen Rd
  • Turn left onto Silver Glen Rd
  • Turn right onto S Randall Rd
  • Turn right onto Dean St
  • Turn right into the parking lot

11 min (7.6 miles) via Silver Glen Rd and S Randall Rd.

Best route.

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Our Dental Office Nearby Campton Hills

| Campton Hills Dentist | Dean Street Dental

Questions Campton Hills Residents Ask Often

Dean Street Dental is located in Campton Hills, just a short distance away from LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve. It typically takes about 5-10 minutes to reach us by car, depending on your location in Campton Hills.

Absolutely! Dean Street Dental offers a range of high-quality dental services, including preventative care, cosmetic dentistry, restorative care, orthodontics and advanced dental treatments. Actually, we are the only full-service dental clinic in Campton Hills, meaning we offer everything you need right here at our office, without you having to go to outside specialists. Not to mention, we have the most high-tech dental office within miles. Our use of the latest digital dental technology and personalized consultations ensure that you receive the best care tailored to your needs.

Yes, we prioritize emergency dental needs and strive to accommodate emergency appointments for Campton Hills residents as quickly as possible. Please call us immediately at (630) 454-9174 if you have an urgent dental issue.

Our office hours are designed to accommodate everyone, including those commuting from Campton Hills. We offer early morning and late evening appointments throughout the week. Please check out the bottom of this page to view our hours or call us to find a time that works best for you.

Dean Street Dental accepts a wide range of dental insurance plans. Our experienced staff can help you understand and maximize your benefits, and we assist with filing insurance claims to make the process as smooth as possible for residents of Campton Hills. We also offer many dental financing options, as well as a dental membership plan.

Dean Street Dental is actively involved in community initiatives that benefit Campton Hills. We participate in local health fairs, sponsor community events, and conduct educational programs in schools to promote dental health awareness in our community.

Campton Hills residents can easily schedule an appointment with our Campton Hills dentist by calling our office at (630) 454-9174 or using our convenient online booking system on our website. This system allows you to select the date and time that best fits your schedule, making it easy to manage your dental care.

Yes, we often have special promotions for new patients, which can include discounts on initial examinations or other services. Please fill out the form on this page (above) or contact our office directly to learn about current offers for Campton Hills residents.

Meet Dr. John M. Isbrandt, DDS

Dr. Isbrandt has been providing restorative and cosmetic dentistry for thousands of patients in the Campton Hills area, which is evident from his dental clinic’s mission statement: “We strive to establish long-lasting relationships, driven by trust and comfort, to help our patients reach and maintain optimal dental health for life.” 

Dr. Isbrandt and Dean Street Dental are considered the best dentist and dental clinic, respectively, in the Campton Hills area.


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