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The Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Fabyan Villa was the home of George and Nelle of Geneva, IL, from c. 1908 until its demise in 1939. The Fabyans’ estate was known as Riverbank, and the villa served as the focal point. The acoustics laboratory in the basement is another interesting feature. The Fabyan Villa was a favorite of Frank Lloyd Wright, who later remodeled the building in the early 1920s.

The Fabyan Villa was the home of George and Nelle Fabians from 1908 until 1939, and is noted for its 1907 Frank Lloyd Wright remodel. The abode was a centerpiece of the Fabyans’ country estate, which was named Riverbank. Visitors can tour the interior of the remodeled villa and enjoy a Japanese garden. The Japanese garden is one of the few examples of its kind in the world. It makes this city proud.

The French-born, Chicago-based Colonel George Fabyan settled on 10 acres south of Geneva in 1893 and hired a Japanese landscape architect to design a Japanese garden for his home. The Japanese Garden took shape gradually during the 1910s, and the Fabyan’s Japanese Garden was designed by Japanese landscape architect Taro Otsuka. The garden was restored in the 1970s and later in 1994. Colonel Fabyan died on May 17, 1936, and his wife, Nelle, passed away two years later. The Fabyan’s estate was sold to the Kane County Forest Preserve, which made it a local landmark. More about this.

The Fabyan Villa in Geneva, Illinois, was the home of George and Nelle from 1908 to 1939. It was famous for its 1907 Frank Lloyd Wright remodel. The Fabyans named their country estate Riverbank. Today, you can explore the estate’s furnishings and enjoy the Japanese garden and museum. Located on a hill overlooking the River, the villa is a beautiful example of Frank Lloyd Wright design.

A visit to the museum is not complete without a stop at Fabyan Villa, the country home of George and Nelle Farbyan from 1908 to 1939. This Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home was the centerpiece of the Fabyans’ country estate. The Fabyans named it Riverbank, in honor of a river that runs through the Fabyans’ country estate.

Visitors are welcome to explore the architecture, history, and art of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fabyan Villa Museum & Japanese Garden in Geneva, Illinois. The mummy, wrapped in strips of linen, looks like a small infant. But it is a fake, and an expert examination in 1982 discovered it is made of dog bone. The piece might have come from a sideshow freak, but it is not yet clear where it originated. Next article.

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