Laser Dentistry in St. Charles, IL for Your Cosmetic or Periodontal Needs

Laser Dentistry at Dean Street Dental in St. Charles, IL

The usage of lasers is in cosmetic and oral surgeries is growing fast. When the laser beams of light target diseased or damaged tissue and in most cases this low-maintenance procedure provides many advantages over conventional dental methods. Dean Street Dental offers procedures that use soft tissue lasers at its home location in St. Charles, IL.

How Dental Lasers Work

Laser dental treatment is an effective way to provide pain-free dentistry. When a laser beam of light targets diseased or damaged tissue, the tissues reduce in temperature, seal and kill bacteria.

Benefits of Laser Dental Procedures

There are many benefits that can be experienced with clients undergoing cosmetic laser treatments. Laser procedures include: non-invasive surgery (no incisions), immediate healing time, less bleeding, faster recovery times and fewer swelling & pain issues than conventional methods provide.

Length of Laser Treatments

Treatment lengths vary for each client but we strive to make your visit at Dean Street Dental efficient and for most cases soft tissue treatments occur in one visit.

Procedures That Use Soft Tissue Lasers & Hard Tissue Lasers

There are many types of procedures that use a dental laser. Laser root canal therapy is a useful method in protecting nerve endings and reducing swellings effects that traditional root canal treatments cause. Soft tissue procedures such as gum contouring, lip reduction or removal of tonsils are often treated with lasers to avoid bleeding and reduce swelling. At Dean Street Dental, we do not perform any hard procedures.

Soft Tissue Procedures

Soft tissue laser procedures include the following:

• Soft Tissue Reduction of Gums

• Soft Tissue Contouring and Reshaping

• Laser Root Canal Therapy

• Lasers for Cavity Treatment

Soft tissue laser procedures are a non-invasive, effective method for removing or reducing gum tissues. These procedures eliminate bleeding, reduce swelling and help the client reach their desired gum contour.

Periodontal Laser Gum Surgery In St. Charles

Laser gum surgery or laser gum treatment is done by a qualified periodontist or a qualified dental surgeon, like Dr. John Isbrandt. The procedure can be used to treat pockets and bleeding gums. Gum disease, sometimes referred to as periodontal gum disease, is caused by bacteria that normally live in the mouth and attach themselves to teeth. In some cases they invade deep areas of the bone surrounding the jaw.

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Meet Dr. John M. Isbrandt, DDS

Dr. Isbrandt has been providing restorative and cosmetic dentistry for thousands of patients in the St. Charles area, which is evident from his dental clinic’s mission statement: “We strive to establish long-lasting relationships, driven by trust and comfort, to help our patients reach and maintain optimal dental health for life.” 

Dr. Isbrandt and Dean Street Dental are considered the best dentist and dental clinic, respectively, in the St. Charles area.


FAQs About Laser Technology in Dentistry

Most clients who have gone through laser dentistry treatments do not feel any pain during the treatment.

Lasers are used in dentistry for soft tissue procedures (gums), periodontal laser gum surgery and when traditional methods of treatment fail.

The cost of a laser treatment depends on the type being done (soft tissue procedures or laser gum surgery), and depends on a case-by-case basis.

Laser dentistry feels like nothing. The dentist will put some numbing cream on your gums and you won’t feel anything.

Treatment with lasers during dental procedures are safe and effective.

Laser dental treatment can kill bacteria that causes periodontal disease. In addition, laser therapy can stimulate the regrowth of gum tissue by heating the teeth and gums quickly.

– Anesthesia risks. These include risks from local anesthesia, which can cause jaw pain and swelling and allergic reactions.

– Dental caries. These include bacterial infections in the gums, loose or falling teeth, dental caries (tooth decay) and sensitivity of teeth to temperature changes.


–    Relatively low cost, especially when compared with implants.

–      There are less general anesthesia risks associated with laser dentistry as there are in other types of treatment such as surgery or tooth extractions.

–      The procedure allows for the nerve to remain intact which results in less pain during and after surgery.


–    There is a risk of gum recession. This can lead to teeth being more sensitive to heat and cold temperatures, teeth breaking off easily, gum infections and further problems with oral hygiene.

Most dentists say yes, using lasers for cavity treatment is perfectly safe.

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