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It’s a common misconception that cosmetic dentists are the only ones who can offer cosmetic dentistry services. However, general dentists with a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree can offer some cosmetic dental services, even without becoming licensed with The American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry.® First off, when you compare education levels between general and cosmetic dentists holding the same degree (DDS), you’ll find that each type holds different qualifications just based on what they are trained in: General Dentistry vs. Cosmetic Dentistry.

Cosmetic practitioners specialize in certain treatments for aesthetic purposes only such as teeth whitening or filling cavities while other practices cover all aspects of dentistry including fixing broken bones from an accident and relieving tooth pain with extraction surgery. The bottom line: you want your dental clinic to be a one-stop-shop, meaning somewhere that you can get your general dental needs AND your cosmetic dental needs fulfilled. 

Dean Street Dental is a private, general dental practice based in the heart of Chicagoland. The dentist offers holistic and preventative care for you and your family, from routine checkups to tooth decay treatment. To maintain the health and beauty of teeth and gums, our dentist offers appointments that focus on general dentistry, as well as cosmetic services, like whitening treatments to get those pearly whites! We also work with patients to give them back their beautiful smiles through clear braces or dental implants if needed because let’s face it – nobody wants crooked teeth! So don’t be afraid to take advantage of our cosmetic services too!

Our teeth whitening service is considered cosmetic dentistry, but we’ll reserve that for its own page (click the previous link to learn more). Most forms of dental implants are both restorative and cosmetic but we reserved to write about implants on our dental implants provider page. Lastly, dentures are also considered cosmetic, even though they are more for function, but you can read about our denture care center here.

Top Rated & Affordable Cosmetic Dental Procedures For The Lowest Cost With The Best Before and After Results

A cosmetic dentist offers patients top of the line dental services in St. Charles. Providing top quality service is a top priority at Dean Street Dental, a dental clinic that’s been around for several years. “Cosmetic dentistry” is a trending topic nowadays because it can change people’s appearance and boost their self-confidence. If you are wondering about cosmetic dentistry, the best thing to do is schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist in St. Charles (Dean Street Dental). Our dentists can examine your teeth, offer solutions to the problems you face and determine the cost of each treatment option so that there’s no confusion or bias when you’re making your decision.

Wondering About Cosmetic Dentistry Near Me in St. Charles, IL?

Looking to get a whiter, straighter smile in St. Charles, IL? If you’re wondering what follows, then you’ve landed at the right place! At Dean Street Dental, we offer a wide range of dental services including cosmetic and restorative dental procedures.

Offering Competitive Dental Surgery For The Lowest Price Around

Are you in search of affordable dentistry services? If so, then fret not as we offer the cheapest dental surgery to help you get a new beautiful smile at our dental clinic. We strive to provide quality service while keeping costs low and competitive. To us, excellent dental treatments are more than just providing treatment for damaged teeth; what we take pride in is seeing you love your smile.

Why Choose Dean Street Dental For Your Cosmetic Dentistry Needs?

Dr. John Isbrandt has been an active member of the community for years, with his primary focus on providing low-cost dental care to people who otherwise cannot afford it. His experience in public service and understanding of different needs make him a perfect fit as your dentist because he will never judge or dismiss you based on what’s going wrong with your teeth — no matter how severe the case is!

Preventative measures are Dr. John’s top priority, which means that even if there isn’t anything seriously wrong now, everything should be checked out so nothing can develop later down the line into something more serious like tooth decay or gum disease.

Dr. Isbrandt has a lot of experience with cosmetic dental procedures and knows the best ways to make your smile look amazing. If you are ready to improve your appearance with a new smile, then don’t wait another minute and call our dentist today!

Call Dean Street Dental today at (630) 446-2134 to receive top treatment from Dr. John Isbrandt & our rock star team.

Types of Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Not everyone is blessed with a perfect smile. If you’re not satisfied with your dental health and appearance, you may feel like there’s no way to fix it. You might even be embarrassed to show off your teeth when you smile or laugh.

We believe that every patient deserves a beautiful healthy smile, whether they want one for cosmetic reasons or because of tooth sensitivity issues. The right dentist can make all the difference in how comfortable and confident you feel about your teeth and mouth!

Cosmetic dentistry is an investment worth making if it means living life without embarrassment over unsightly teeth or tooth pain. It doesn’t matter why you need help – we can give it to you! Our experienced team will do everything possible to provide the best results within your budget so that together we can create a better version of yourself through natural-looking restorations, implants, veneers, crowns and more! Below is all of our cosmetic dental procedures.


White smiles are more attractive than yellow, uneven teeth. Scientists found that people perceive yellower, less even teeth as unattractive because adult teeth show signs of aging and poor health in the form of tooth decay or discoloration from cigarettes and other factors like genetics.

Teeth discoloration is usually only a cosmetic issue and not a dental health problem, but it can affect someone’s confidence. Embarrassed by off-white, yellowing or stained teeth many people try to hide their smile. In fact research shows that about 80% of Americans aged 18 to 49 want whiter teeth! No wonder tooth whitening has become the #1 procedure performed in dentistry today – it’s safe, easy and inexpensive way for anyone with poor oral hygiene habits (or even those who just have aging mouths) to get really white pearly whites without breaking the bank at all!

If you are looking for professional teeth whitening services, then look no further than Dean Street Dental. We offer the best teeth whitening service in the area! Call us today at (630) 446-2134 to make an appointment or click here to schedule an appointment online!


Although you may have a great smile, your teeth might not always look that way. If your teeth are discolored or misshapen, there is a solution available for you.

While it can take some time to get the perfect fit and color combination that you want, porcelain veneers will be worth the wait. You’ll love how they make your smile look like new again!

With dental veneers from Dean Street Dental in St. Charles, IL you will be able to get the smile of your dreams without needing to have serious dental surgery or spending months on end toying around with at-home whitening kits. These thin shells are made specifically for your mouth so they feel comfortable and natural while still giving you that Hollywood smile!

Looking for porcelain dental veneers in St. Charles, IL? Call Dean Street Dental today to schedule your consultation with the general dentist and see the difference that new smile you’ve always wanted can make! Free initial consultations are offered by request


Cosmetic dentistry does not just end with your teeth, as if they were the only thing that mattered. Your dentist can also recommend gum contouring and reshaping to even out any irregularities in your gums such as resting too high or too low on your teeth which may cause them to appear more abnormal than usual.

Not everyone is born with perfect teeth and gums. Some people have crooked or missing teeth, while others may have unevenly shaped gum lines. 

Cosmetic dentistry can be expensive but it’s a great way to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Our dentist in St. Charles offers some of the best cosmetic dentistry services available today at affordable prices for all your dental needs.

Our team of experienced dental professionals are here to help you get the results that you want without having to spend too much money on them! We offer gum contouring and reshaping for a very competitive & cost effective price. Call us now (630) 446-2134 for a free consultation with our friendly staff!


Tooth bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that repairs chipped, cracked or otherwise broken teeth. It also helps with discolored teeth, gaps between the teeth and even lengthens shorter-than-the rest teeth. The “bond” is a composite resin which takes over where your tooth broke to make it look as good as new.

If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in the Tri-Cities area that offers tooth bonding services, call us today. Our friendly staff will answer any questions you have about our procedures and schedule an appointment with our dentist today!


Porcelain inlays and onlays are sought by cosmetic dentists for the restorations of back teeth that have suffered serious decay or damage. Both provide extra strength to your tooth, which is custom fit to you while making it more comfortable than a traditional filling would be.

You want to get your teeth fixed, but you don’t want it to be too painful. You may be worried about going to the dentist, but I can assure you that our inlays and onlays are painless and affordable.

Traditional fillings are not comfortable to have in your mouth and can make it hard for you to eat certain foods. Porcelain inlays and onlays are an option that will give you a natural look while still being strong enough for the job.

This is a great solution if you’re looking for something that provides strength without sacrificing comfort. These porcelain restorations can be made specifically for your teeth so they fit perfectly, and because of this they won’t hurt when eating or drinking anything hot or cold like traditional fillings may do. You’ll also love the way these look since they match the color of your natural tooth enamel, making them completely invisible when talking or smiling!

If you are looking for the best porcelain inlays and onlays near St. Charles, IL call Dean Street Dental today at (630) 446-2134.


We all want to look our best, and today there are many non-surgical ways to do just that. When an individual has issues with the way they look from the outside or in their smile due to oral health issues, Botox dermal fillers can be used to correct the issues.

What Botox is, botulinum toxin (Botox) is a nerve block that relaxes muscle movements by temporarily paralyzing them. It has become widely popular in cosmetic dentistry since its introduction into the market over 20 years ago.

Botox and dermal fillers are non-surgical procedures that can improve the exterior of a smile, or correct oral health issues. Learn more about these treatments from our dentist at Dean Street Dental. 


Much advancement has been made in oral prosthetics. The branch of dentistry that deals with the replacement or missing teeth and related mouth structures using bridges, dentures, or other artificial devices is developing quickly due to new technology being developed all over the world.

Natural looking and feeling teeth, have become more realistic. The materials used to create these artificial teeth are better than ever and the dental professionals who use these new technologies can make your smile look better than it has in years!


Many people are not proud of their smiles because they have missing teeth. They want to get that perfect smile, but don’t know how without spending a lot of money on expensive dental procedures.

Cosmetic dentures are the perfect solution for people that need new teeth and are looking for an affordable option. They can be used by anyone who is missing one or more teeth due to tooth loss, dental decay or trauma. The best part? With today’s technology, they look natural and feel comfortable!

If you’re looking for a way to get your dream smile without spending a fortune, then cosmetic dentures are the answer! These custom-made prosthetics will give you back your confidence and help you achieve the beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted. Not only do these cost less than traditional dentures; they also come in many different styles so that they can be adjusted easily according to your preferences as well as your mouth’s shape. Get ready for compliments about how great you look with your brand new set of pearly whites!


The process of straightening teeth can be a lengthy and expensive one. One method that is becoming more popular for those who want to avoid the hassle, high cost, or both is by wearing clear aligners. They are designed specifically according to your mouth’s measurements so they fit perfectly without any discomfort while you wear them day in and day out during the treatment period. In many cases the dentist will give new sets over time as needed depending on how quickly you make progress with improving your smile!

The main concern of cosmetic dentists today it making sure their patients have an attractive smile that they are confident about showing off when around other people (clearly). The way this goal has been achieved up until now was through braces which required hours upon hours of dental visits, pain, broken wires, and more nuances.

Clear aligners are able to provide many useful benefits. Learn more about clear aligners and how they can help you achieve a beautiful smile. Contact Dean Street Dental today and ask about our 2021 clear aligner special that’s going on!


Most people know that dental implants are popular with cosmetic dentists and their patients, but few understand the benefits of these replacement teeth. When a person loses one or more natural teeth it can lead to long-term medical complications such as dry mouth, tooth decay, weight fluctuations and bone loss around your jawbone due to lack of chewing muscle stimulation from missing teeth. 

Dental implant periodontics offer an excellent way for oral health professionals like Dr. John Isbrandt to restore smiles permanently through replacing lost natural tooth roots in order provide relief for our patient’s other symptoms without having them undergo procedures like extensive orthodontic work.

If you’re interested in learning more about how dental implant prosthetics can help restore your smile permanently, please give us a call at (630) 446-2134 today! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also browse more of our website for more information on this topic.

Navigating Your First Cosmetic Dental Consultation

It’s your first time visiting the dentist to discuss cosmetics. You’re feeling nervous, but excited to get that perfect smile you’ve been dreaming of. You walk in and are greeted by a friendly staff member asking what they can do for you today. They then take you back to the dental chair where they will be performing your consultation. 

Our staff always strives to create a welcoming, comfortable environment for our patients. We offer a variety of services here at our dental office, including all of the cosmetic dentistry procedures mentioned above, and more, like cosmetic laser surgery!

The dentist starts by asking the patient about any pain or symptoms. After listening to your story, they will examine your teeth for cavities and other dental problems. Then they’ll also ask you if you have any allergies or medical conditions that may affect how they treat your case. If there are no issues, then the consultation begins.

The consultation with your dentist is a comprehensive process. One that will include an in-depth oral exam and cleaning before the treatment plan is finalized. It starts by getting to know you better, so they can understand what’s going on inside of your mouth as well as any underlying conditions such as tooth decay or gum disease which could affect their proposed treatment plans for care down the line.

Afterward, we’ll discuss different options including pros, cons and pricing of each option until one stands out from among all others; hopefully one that integrates both of your needs – cosmetics and general oral health!

Learn About All of Our Cosmetic Dental Procedures Below

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Meet Dr. John M. Isbrandt, DDS

Dr. Isbrandt has been providing restorative and cosmetic dentistry for thousands of patients in the St. Charles area, which is evident from his dental clinic’s mission statement: “We strive to establish long-lasting relationships, driven by trust and comfort, to help our patients reach and maintain optimal dental health for life.” 

Dr. Isbrandt and Dean Street Dental are considered the best general, family & cosmetic dentist and dental clinic, respectively, in the St. Charles area.


FAQs About Cosmetic Dentistry

A cosmetic dentist is a specialist – usually a general dentist who has taken extra training courses offered by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. A cosmetic dentist focuses on oral health, but with an emphasis on aesthetics and more unusual dental procedures, such as tooth whitening or dental implants. They typically handle cases that involve heavy aesthetic enhancement or extensive restorative dentistry (e.g., bridges). 

A general dentist can provide “cosmetic dentistry” too by having taken through the necessary education to give non-invasive cosmetic services, such as teeth whitening and porcelain veneers, so you can feel confident getting your cosmetic dental procedure done with a general dentist.

Finding the right cosmetic dentist can be difficult, but you’re in luck because there are many dentists out there with expertise in this field, including the dentist at Dean Street Dental. It typically boils down to choosing between those who truly care for you versus those who only care for your wallet, but since that’s not always easy to figure out on your own, you may use Google as a good resource for finding reviews from former patients, which should help narrow it down a little bit once you can determine if someone is genuine or not. There are some highly-rated dentists who actually offer payment plans too which makes it even easier!

It’s important to find the right match and when dealing with dentists we usually take experience into account first and foremost – so I would start by reading up on past work and relationships. For example, Dr. John Isbrandt has over 130 5-star Google Reviews and over 250 5-star reviews on PatientConnect365, is transparent, genuine, affordable and offers many different financing options!

Some of the most common procedures are teeth whitening, veneers, clear aligners, and dental implants. 

  • Teeth whitening is a procedure that will lighten the shade of your natural teeth. 
  • Porcelain veneers may be used to remedy cracks, chips or fill in between one’s true tooth position. 
  • Clear aligners are an advancement in cosmetic dentistry that make the process of aligning one’s teeth less conspicuous, and is often used to move teeth to create a healthy, beautiful smile.
  • Dental implants are being used more and more in recent years with near failure-proof success rates to substitute for lost tooth structure due to decay or trauma.

The most common cosmetic dentistry procedures are safe for most patients. We recommend that you check with your dentist before having any kind of dental work done to be sure it is the right choice and to make sure you’re a good candidate, since not all treatments may be appropriate for everyone.

The age of a person when they see a dentist who offers cosmetic procedures is based on the severity of their dental work. Younger people may need to see one for preventive care, while older people may just need minimal changes.

Depending on your age, however, the form of cosmetic dentistry often differs. Younger patients will usually receive more conservative treatments while older patients might be looking at veneers or other more invasive procedures. Age also factors into a patient’s budget and insurance coverage which can affect what procedures you are able to get done as well as how many are covered by your policy. Generally speaking, cosmetic dental procedures are appropriate for adolescents and older.

To make it easy for you to get the smile you deserve. We’re here to genuinely help you and provide the dental care that you need, so come in for a consultation! You won’t be disappointed.

Moderate routine dental visits can do more than just clean your teeth – with regular checkups we can implement new treatments if needed, before they become major problems requiring more drastic procedures like crowns or implants.

That’s why we want to offer cosmetic dentistry consultations – because who doesn’t want a Hollywood smile? The best part is that all consultations are free – our goal is 100% satisfaction from all of our patients! Give us a call today and let us know which services interest you so we can schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Dental insurance coverage varies from plan to plan, so it is best to make sure that you are looking at your specific care organization’s policy. It’s important to note that most plans require a certain degree of tooth decay before they will cover dental cosmetic procedures. 

In addition, some plans only provide for certain types of dental work – such as teeth whitening and thin veneers – but not more extensive cosmetic treatments like crowns on molars or root canals.

Finally, it should be noted that in spite of how the term “cosmetic” might sound, these procedures are really all about restoring function and health; therefore they are often times medically necessary at the time of procedure. 

Cosmetic dentistry can be more expensive than just getting your teeth cleaned, but it doesn’t have to be. The following factors all contribute to the cost of your treatment:

  • The procedure you are undergoing
  • How many visits will be needed for the procedure?
  • Are you a candidate for sedation? 
  • Do you need extractions first and if so how many? 
  • Will you need gum surgery as well as tooth/restorative work (gingival augmentation)? 
  • What types of payment plans does the office offer which includes all stages of treatment?

The average time for a cosmetic dentistry procedure is 3 appointments. The first appointment, which includes the consultation to determine your dental needs, generally lasts 45-60 minutes. The following two appointments typically take anywhere from 30-60 minutes and are usually scheduled 1-2 weeks apart. It is possible that some dental procedures may require more visits if there are greater complications or if you have missing teeth in an area that needs relining or replacement of other previous work. Further information can be discussed during the initial consultation with our staff!

With new advancements to cosmetic dental procedures comes less invasive techniques for reducing discomfort. Today, we have lower-pain alternatives that allow us to preserve our natural teeth while still achieving the beautiful smile you want with none of the painful side effects from years ago.

Cosmetic dentistry has never been so easy or accommodating–get your consultation scheduled now by talking to one of our receptionists at Dean Street Dental!

Cosmetic dentistry can have a significant positive impact in one’s self-esteem, confidence, and overall quality of life. In addition to feeling better about yourself, cosmetic dentistry helps with greater jaw function (from the improved chewing ability afforded by even just braces) which can aid in maintaining weight loss and improving asthma. Cosmetic dentistry also helps with sleep apnea as well as clenching/teeth grinding during sleep.

All of these factors are important for one’s health – mental well-being not excluded! So if you know that you have dental health issues or oral conditions then it might be time to invest in your smile. If you’re nervous of how conventional treatment might affect your budget, dental financing may be a way to get the smile you want right now, so reach out to Dean Street Dental today to get your questions answered!

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