How To Find a Dentist for Nervous Patients

Dentists appointment can be a frightening prospect for many people. Even the thought of routine dental work could cause someone to feel nervous and anxious, so it’s important that dentists understand what their patients are feeling in order to avoid any anxiety-filled appointments going forward. Here we will discuss how you might find such an understanding dentist who strives on being compassionate with each patient they see by using gentle methods when possible during treatment.

Being nervous about your upcoming visit at the dentist seems like something out of a stereotype or horror movie but unfortunately for some this fear is very real if not all too common among adults as well as children alike. If you’re one of those individuals whose heart rate goes up just thinking about getting anesthesia, flossing your teeth, or getting a tooth extracted, fear not, as Dean Street Dental is the dental clinic for you.

Why Am I Afraid of Going to the Dentist?

The fear of the dentist is very common, with up to 15% of people in America refusing to go because they are afraid. One study found that the percentage of adults with dental anxiety is almost 60%. While many patients express mild concern or apprehension about their visits, some experience a full-blown phobia when it comes to going into the dentist’s chair. They may realize how irrational and extreme this fear can be but in most cases does not help alleviate any worries they have before visiting Dr. Isbrandt for regular checkups which are vital to maintaining good oral health.

Some reasons you likely fear going to the dentist include:

  • Fear of Pain: 7% of patients cite this as their number one reason for avoiding the dentist
  • Related Phobias: Patients may avoid all dental visits, even routine cleanings, as a result of their fear of needles or drills
  • Feelings of Being in a Vulnerable Position: Not being in control is a common fear, especially for those who have been through abusive situations
  • Negative Experiences: A patient may be less likely to return to the dentist for any reason if they’ve had previously bad experiences at a dental office
  • Embarrassment: Some people are embarrassed about their dental health and hygiene

Overcoming Your Fear of the Dentist Is Important

It’s not just your teeth that are at risk. Dental phobia can lead to greater problems in the future, like gum disease and cavities.

No matter how much you hate going to the dentist for a cleaning or even worse if something needs fixing- it is worth overcoming this fear because dentists do more than make healthy smiles possible; they also protect us from other health risks such as oral cancer and periodontal diseases (like gingivitis).

Minor Dental Problems Can Turn Into Major Dental Problems

Do you want to avoid going in for a dental cleaning? You may be putting your oral health at risk. A small cavity left untreated will grow, perhaps turning into periodontal disease or a dental abscess which can lead to the need of more invasive procedures like root canal or surgical extraction. In a vicious cycle, the fear of these types of procedures becomes greater and greater when you skip your simple cleanings.

Dental Phobia Can Cause Serious Health Issues

Dental health is important, not just for your teeth but also the overall condition of your body. Studies have shown that poor dental hygiene can lead to increased chances of conditions like cancer or dementia and an increase in fatal infections on our brain. Inflammation that occurs in conjunction with dental disease can cause harmful cardiovascular conditions.

Lack of Dental Care Negatively Affects Your Wallet

UnitedHealthcare looked at claims from over 130,000 patients between the ages of 18 and 65 and found that:

“individuals with chronic conditions who regularly received recommended dental care, cleanings, or periodontal treatment had medical claims that averaged nearly $1,500 lower annually than those with chronic conditions (asthma, diabetes, coronary artery disease, heart failure, COPD, and kidney disease) who received non-preventive dental care or no dental care at all.”

Oral health is the foundation of your total body wellness. Regular cleanings not only help identify and treat oral issues, but can prevent them too! When you save a few bucks by skipping your next appointment with us, are you really thinking about what might happen in six months when that nice little cavity has grown into an expensive root canal?

Dental Anxiety Feeds Into Social Anxiety

Having bad teeth can really hold you back in life. If people are too embarrassed to show their smile at a social event, they may be skipping out on important opportunities such as job interviews or even romantic endeavors like kissing and dating! But thankfully there’s help for those who want it: regular dental visits that remove plaque buildup and give your teeth the care they need. Get some more info.

How to Overcome Dental Anxiety

If you have an intense fear of dental work, these five steps can help with overcoming this phobia.

  1. Take a trusted friend with you on your first visit
  2. Practice relaxation techniques
  3. Ask about dental sedation
  4. Distract yourself with music
  5. Seek help from a trained counselor

How to Find the Best Dentist for Nervous Patients Near Me

If you have dental anxiety, it’s important to find the best dentist for nervous patients. A great dentist for those with dental anxiety offers tons of options in terms of physical comfort (e.g., laser dentistry and sedation) but also has patience and compassion when working with an anxious patient.

A good dentist for nervous patients will:

  • Offer an out-of-chair initial consultation
  • Understand and believe the patient’s fears; sympathize with them
  • Take frequent breaks during procedures
  • Frequently ask permission as they move through the procedure
  • Thoroughly explain what is happening
  • Elaborate how long it will take
  • Explain what a patient might feel throughout the visit

Seek the recommendation of trusted family and friends, and take your time as you look for your dentist – you’re not alone!

How We Help Patients With Dental Phobia in the St. Charles Area

If you’re experiencing dental anxiety, Dean Street Dental understands. They know that it’s hard to overcome intense fears and just talking about what they do isn’t enough! Scheduling a visit before your appointment is the crucial first step towards overcoming your fear of dentists’ offices so give them a call today at (630) 454-9174 or schedule an online consultation with our team by clicking here.

Dean Street Dental is the dentist for nervous patients in the St. Charles and surrounding area. Our warm and welcoming office staff, our beautifully remodeled, calm and soothing waiting area, and our commitment to your comfort are what sets us apart from other dentists around.

Before you sit down in the chair, we will explain every option we offer to ensure a pain-free experience. The first step we take at our practice is making sure that every client understands all their options from dental implants to tooth extraction because feeling confident not only makes your visit more tolerable but also lessens any anxiety that might be triggered when faced with unknowns during treatment planning.

Dean Street Dental offers great rates on affordable dentistry services including exams, cleanings, x-rays, fillings & more–all without any worries of judgement from our friendly staff here because we’re committed to making sure everyone has an opportunity for good oral health! Read about this.

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