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Hey there, thanks for inquiring about or teeth whitening specials. We have two specials: one is an at-home whitening kit and the other is an in-office whitening session. While supplies last, both are discounted during 2021.

How it all Works

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In-Office Whitening Session

In-office teeth whitening in St. Charles IL is performed by trained dental professionals providing for safe and reliable bleaching results. Dentists use higher-concentration bleaching gels which results of professional teeth whitening in-office tends to be more effective than at-home whitening gel. Dean Street Dental teeth whitening uses the best quality whitening gel on the market and all whitening trays are made custom fit in-office until they are perfectly comfortable.

Your dentist in St. Charles IL will perform a thorough dental exam to ensure optimal tooth and gum health. A cheek retractor exposes the teeth, firstly, then a liquid rubber dam or hardening resin is applied to the gum tissue for protection. A hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel is then applied to the teeth, then the gel is then cleaned off and reapplied for one or more additional periods. Certain whitening treatments incorporate a high-intensity light to help activate/enhance the bleaching process. Results will be visible immediately, though the full effect of treatment will not be seen for a couple days. Your dentist will discuss ways to maximize the whitening effect by suggesting you avoid certain foods that can cause discoloration. -Inspired by Consumer Guide to Dentistry

SmileSession Summer Special • $0.00

At our St. Charles IL 60175 dental clinic we are offering a limited-number of teeth-whitening sessions with every checkup & cleaning. You may be due for your bi-annual checkup & cleaning! Cost is normally $450+ but we will be including it free with your cleaning. When you call to schedule an appointment by clicking this link here just be sure to mention that you saw the SmileSession Offer on the website and we’ll be sure you account is accredited with the voucher. Get yours before we run out!

At-Home Whitening Kit

Teeth whitening in St. Charles IL doesn’t require you to visit Dean Street Dental every month! Just opt in for a custom at-home whitening tray and 3,6 or 12 months of whitening gel. Simply wear your tray with a few droplets of whitening get a few times a week. Consumer Guide to dentistry says “according to dental professionals, the best bleaching results come from dentist-dispensed take-home kits – particularly those that are used over extended periods. These kits contain higher percentages of bleach than over-the-counter kits and typically consist of custom-fitted application trays made of a flexible plastic material. Custom trays cost about $400 and offer several benefits.

Bleaching compounds are either pre-loaded into the trays or stored in syringes and added to the trays just before use. In many cases, your dentist can fine-tune the bleach concentration and add a desensitizing agent to use before or after application. Generally the kits provide enough gel for one two-week treatment per year, plus one- or two-day touch-ups every four to six months.” 

You will have dental checkups at Dean Street Dental in 60175 every 3-months with an at-home whitening plan. A dental exam will be performed (often in tandem with the prophylactic cleaning) to check for potential problems such as severe tooth decay, cracks and gum disease. Bleaches can cause varying degrees of irritation if these conditions are present. Your dentist will likely delay the procedure until such problems have been corrected. As soon as you are approved, you will take impressions after we scan you with our intra-oral scanner at Dean Street Dental. Lastly, we will show you how to apply the whitening gel to the whitening tray and instruct you when to wear it. Then we will send you on your way with a tray of whitening gel in St. Charles 60175.


SmileSeason 3-month supply •Summer Special • $199

If you’re in the first 25 people to read this and on the phone while scheduling your appointment you mention the Dean Street Dental SmileSeason Special, you will qualify for a 3-month supply of at-home whitening gel and a custom made whitening tray for the low price of $199. Since this website is brand new, there are 25 spots remaining! When you call to schedule an appointment by clicking this button here just be sure to mention that you saw the 3-Month SmileSeason Offer on the website and ask if there’s still any remain spots left!

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